Hi Peggy,
I know that the tip I got (hanging the crystal in front of my second door in the Master bedroom) has changed my relationship with my husband as he was spending more time in Ohio than in Virginia. He laughed and said that crystal is not going to keep me here, but it has. I said well I can take it down and we will see what happens. He said no don’t. HAHA.
Margie M.

Virginia Beach VA

Your workshop really is special! I’m humming right along, clearing with purpose and ease. I’m letting the next spaces call to me that are ready to be decluttered, rather than planning and scheduling them. It is an amazing process.

Elizabeth C.

Virginia Beach VA

I was introduced to Peggy Cross’s artwork and was blown away by the energy that emanated from it. I asked if I could touch her paintings because it seemed they were talking to me and the energy that went through me was phenomenal. What I realized was that Peggy’s art is living and filled with healing, music, and feelings of beauty and joy. It seems that when you look at her art, the art calls to and adopts you. Her art is not a cold observation experience but alive and interactive. When you come to her art shows, ask to feel the paintings. You will not be disappointed.
Linda PK

Norfolk VA

My love for Feng Shui came alive when I took a class from Peggy Cross years ago. I studied Feng Shui on my own for a while, reading books and trying to apply it to my home and life. After studying on my own I saw another all day class Peggy was holding at the A.R.E. and something told me I needed to take the class. I enrolled and showed up to one of the most informative classes I have ever been to. Peggy makes learning about Feng Shui easy. She explains things in a way that a novice can understand and then go home and directly apply positive changes to ones environment. She does this with no secret formula or magic. She has a uncanny ability to pass on information that resonates with you on many levels.

After the class I asked Peggy to do a consultation on my home. That was another experience that provided a wealth of information for me and my family. The consultation provided positive change for our household and we saw results from some of the changes immediately and other positive results took a little more time. She showed my family and I how we could create a harmonious home filled with positive life enhancing energy.

Finally, I recommend Peggy for one on one teachings for anyone interested in taking their Feng Shui curiosity to another level. I did a few one on one sessions with Peggy and found that this is a good way to look at the concept of Feng Shui on a deeper level. Her experience coupled with her teaching ability makes Peggy a joy to work with. Invite this expert into your home and watch things change for the better before she even walks out the door!


Chesapeake VA

Peggy Cross is an incredible artist full of vision and light.  Every time I have been in the presence of Peggy’s art, I have been filled with a feeling of joy and lightness.  There is a certain positive energy that is reflected from the work that she does.  I believe each piece comes through her hands spiritually as she paints on a certain vibrational level and each piece is truly reflective of her vision.  The art I purchased from Peggy traveled with me to Italy and sits in my foyer so it can be witnessed and enjoyed by all who enter my home.

Vicenza, Italy

After my home consultation, I experienced many positive changes in my life.  Peggy’s gifted knowledge of feng shui enabled me to create a space in which to receive abundance in all aspects of my life…health, finances, relationships and spiritual awareness.  I was gifted with an airline ticket to Europe by a friend.  I also received a scholarship for a very special workshop.  My relationships are more heartfelt and connected.  Feng Shui will always be an energetic way of life for me.  Thank you Peggy.

Naples, FL


Hi Peggy,

I can’t thank you enough for your Feng Shui help today.  I put the Van Gogh print from my dining room into the living room over the couch.  It feels so good there and lifts the room.  I moved the small chest in my bedroom so it is diagonal in the corner and it opened so much space in my room.  It also feels great.  I cleaned out the 3 drawers so that there is one that is now empty.  Tomorrow I will conquer another space.  This feels so perfectly timed.  I can’t wait to continue on the journey.  Life is truly amazing.

Thanks again.



Virginia Beach, VA

Good Morning Peggy!
So far, everything is much better..! I feel much calmer and the phone calls have slowed down a lot and seem to not bother me..! Success!!!
Ken seems to have calmed down some himself. Success again! I will keep you posted. I also feel calmer in the house and am becoming comfortable here.

Thank You!


Virginia Beach

hi peggy

i hope this e mail finds you, and also finds you in good health

i was at lincoldn center last night at an opera, because i have been working alot of hours latley and expesically this week i decided to walk aroung lincoln center during the intermission to re-oxegenate my blood so i would not sleep through the performance. as i did this i was   in a walking waking meditative state. and i started to feel the energy of the place, it is all man made and laid out. but i was able to feel an area of strong energy and i did do some chanting there and felt myself being recharged.( it was late and i was alone so no one was there to think i was nuts, but it is nyc i might have started a whole chanting group withiout knowing it)  i thought of you and that i might not have considered or even been able to pick up on or open to the idea that there would be energy flow in such a large outside area if i had not taken your course in feng shuei. so i wanted to thank you. and now i will look for engergy flow in man made spaces like stores and such, thinking about it from here i dont think that many stores are laid out with energy flow in mind, what if they did, would vegtables and meats stay fresher longer? would clohtes sell better if they were laid out in a positive feng sheu pattern? would the food be healthier to eat and the clothes make us more attracitve and give us a better self eteem if they were starting life in a positeve patern? teh enquirinng mind wants to know!

love and blessings

Eddie NYC


Hope you are well and enjoying your life in Virginia.  Think about you and appreciate all you have meant to me and how you got me where I am today.  Thank you.
Dr. Steve

Naples FL

I was honored to interview Peggy Cross for my show “Cella’s Chat” on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness channel on the topic of Feng Shui.  Peggy teaches how Feng Shui focuses on analyzing and balancing the energies of a built environment.    Because we only had an hour to speak on such a broad subject, we decided to focus on love and romance in the master bedroom.  This was a fun topic and great interview as Peggy is easy to converse with as well as educated and well versed on this subject.  I had great feedback from my listening audience on how much they enjoyed this show and not only how they, but how I, received learned how to create a space which will invite only the highest and best energies.  I wish we had more time as this interview was more like sitting and talking to a friend, not interviewing an expert.  Listen to the interview yourself by clicking on this site:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/75253/love-and-romance-in-the-master-bedroom-the-use-of-feng-shui.
Marcie Ford

Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you Peggy!

I wanted you to know that the very next showing after I moved the couch over and started implementing some of your recommendations has resulted in an offer on the house.  We are completing negotiations now.

Much Love,


Chesapeake VA

In January of 2003 I decided I wanted to add some color to my home by painting the interior.  I knew I wanted to change the energy in some of the rooms but was at a loss as to what colors would provide the energy I wanted.  I hired my friend Peggy for a Feng Shui consultation to  discuss the layout of my place and specifically to guide me in my color(s) selection.  Peggy’s knowledge of her subject is immense and I was very satisfied with the result of our time spent together.

Later that same year I was browsing the classifies looking for inspiration; I had just taken a year sabbatical after closing my personal chef business.  I responded to an ad for a kayak tour guide by faxing in my resume.  After three days and getting no response I assumed they felt I wasn’t the right person for the job and though I was disappointed, I searched for the willingness to let it go.  Just then I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings Magazine and saw that Peggy had an article in that issue so I sat down to read it.  She wrote that adding the element of water to the career area of your home will stir up some action (hopefully favorable) in your career.  I had a fountain on my counter top in my career section that had been disassembled and unplugged for the three months I had been gone during the summer.  Although the motor made an obnoxious humming noise and I had planned to replace it, I filled it with water and plugged it in anyway.  I went down to my pool and swamfor an hour or so and when I returned there was a message on my answering machine.  The owner of the Cocohatchee Nature Center was intrigued by my resume and wanted to meet with me.  I was hired the next day and I couldn’t be happier.  I get paid to take people out paddling on the beautiful Cochatchee River to the Gulf of Mexico and talk about mangroves, estuaries, birds, and manatees.  Life is good!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Peggy Cross’s services to anyone.



Naples, FL

Dear Peggy

I read.your book today – very impressive. You really know your stuff. It was very easy to read and full of info I did not know (or can’t remember) from your workshops- thanks for giving me a copy.


Bonny H.

Naples, FL

“Peggy and I have been friends for many years, so we have had many discussions about feng shui—when she was studying the art and since she has been a consultant.  Although she has not given a formal consultation for my home, our discussions have influenced my choices and my reading.  When she comes to visit she makes comments that are helpful about energy and balance (good and bad!).  As, identifying a couple of candle holders on my mantle that didn’t ‘work’; I realized they had been gifts from people with whom I no longer had a relationship. Sometimes she just makes changes which I don’t see until later.  But, then, we’re friends.”


DK Fancy Gap


When I do think of the many ways love has come into my life it is an amazing reminder of that little pink painting  power booster  you gifted me.  “Place this in it’s position of power and ready yourSelf for a flow of love like never before.  It will open a portal, you will open your heart to receive the blessing of love from all it’s mysterious origins!”  When I do think of the many ways love has come into my life it is an amazing reminder of that little pink painting  power booster  you gifted me.  “Place this in it’s position of power and ready yourSelf for a flow of love like never before.  It will open a portal, you will open your heart to receive the blessing of love from all it’s mysterious origins!”

Virginia Beach

Dearest Peggie,

You have changed my life.  I can never thank you enough.  Ever since you F. S. my home my life is abundant in every way.  I have doubled my sales at work, I have been on three wonderful vacations and have formed spiritually fulfilling friendships.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of Love


Naples FL

Dear Peggy,
On the occasion of my recent retirement from real estate development activity, I resolved to write letters of appreciation to a select few people who were particularly helpful during my two decades of building and marketing in Southwest Florida.
Your artistic, but not artsy, interior design efforts were especially significant to those undertakings. You worked well with all four architectural firms and numerous contractors. Your unusual demonstrated ability to listen, assimilate, and advise those professionals while adapting to ever changing market trends was critical to our success.
You also managed to design and oversee completion of sales models within budget constraints. You were careful to see that the models were reflective of current styles without being too ‘far out’. The products for which you provided design services ran the gamut from time share vacation homes, to single family residences and luxurious water front condominiums. Many of our buyers recognized the excellence of your work and retained your services as they furnished and decorated their newly acquired homes.
Although the likelihood is that I shall never return to real estate development, you may be assured that if I do, your phone in far away Virginia Beach will ring. I can’t imagine doing it without your help.
Donald L. Fasig

Former President of Phase III Real Estate Services Inc. and Resorts Marketing Corp. II

My property had been on the market for nearly a year — with absolutely no serious interest — when Peggy Cross came over to give a Feng Shui for Real Estate session.  Just three weeks after implementing her suggestions, I received and accepted a bona fide offer on the house.  It was an absolute miracle!  I am truly grateful to Peggy for her knowledge, sensitivity and expertise.
Ellen Selover

Virginia Beach, VA

About the time I turned 50 I decided I was grown up enough to find a life companion – before it was too late.  But I had never felt ‘ready’ before.  Now, of course, I was ready but unable to just ‘place an order’.  After talking with Peggy and hearing just enough about feng shui to be dangerous, I went around my house and put pairs of things together: two candlesticks, two sea shells, two plants.  Low and behold, just a month or so later an old boyfriend re-entered my life, making noises about settling down and being ready for a commitment.  Now, this had always been a long-distance relationship – he lived in Canada and I lived in Florida.  So we had to spend some time together.  During that process, it became clear to me that although we had known each other a long time, we were not a good fit.  As I talked with Peggy about the fact that feng shui had sort-of worked, she asked me about the ‘pairs’ I had put together: were they ‘matched’ pairs or just two similar items?  DUH!  What a revelation!  I quickly replaced the assortments of twos with matched pairs and, voila! two months later met a wonderful man, with whom I am perfectly matched.  We’ve been married for two years and are still amazed at how easily we came together.

Thank You!

Sherry L. Bright

Vice President, Clinical & Performance Improvement VHA - Mountain States

Peggy’s knowledge of Feng Shui and Interior Design, her sense of style and her talent for creating beauty make working with her such a pleasure.


My experience of Feng Shui was profound and made significant improvements to my life.  Peggy’s consultation was very clear, informative and creative.  She enhanced my home in a way that helped me to focus on certain areas of my life in order to remove obstacles and move forward.  I highly recommend her.

Raven Lamoreaux

Dodd Ceremonialist and Coach Naples, FL

Peggy! What a difference a weekend with Feng Shui makes! I had a blast in your class – we couldn’t get you to talk fast enough because its all so fascinating! I spent the next few days getting my house in order – plants, mirrors, de-cluttering, etc. … then the floodgates opened – new clients, increased abundance in all areas AND I met the man of my dreams. We’re getting married in just two weeks! Everyone should take your class, but only if they want a life-changing revolution to happen.
Honoree Corpron

Henderson, NV

When it comes to setting up your home or your business, the very first thing you MUST do is Feng Shui your surroundings, your environment, your floor plans and designs to create perfect harmony and balance.  This was paramount for me and a critical part of my design for my new dental office.  Dental offices like most health care facilities can be cold, sterile, uninviting and frightening.  I want my patients to start their healing process when they walk into the door.  I don’t want to make a patient who is already suffering and ill more anxious and dis-eased.   My patients, staff and visitors comment on how peaceful, serene, and relaxing my office is.    That is precisely the atmosphere I want the office to project.     Thanks to Peggy and her expert guidance, she was able to identify areas of negative chi and help me resolve them in the site and floor planning stages.   The final results are perfect.
LynnetteYoung, D.M.D.

Virginia Beach VA

The dream of an art gallery blended with a jeweler store in the Bahamas was in the concept stage for many months.  Peggy was asked to create the perfect image for what would become Abaco’s premiere art and jeweler gallery.  Using her skills as an interior designer and with her knowledge of Feng Shui principles she put together the most beautiful and unusual (not to mention successful) gallery the island has ever known.   Peter and I were skeptical at first…we didn’t see how the Feng Shui ideas would work….we wondered if they would translate into sales.  Well, it did.  The customers came and the money changed hands…We began to experiment to see if our initial reaction was correct, that Peggy’s Feng Shui was responsible for sales.  We learned that it was.  The days that we adhered to her suggestions we made money.  When we didn’t, we didn’t.  Simple as that.  We owe our success in great measure to the work of Peggy Cross
Jo and Peter Bradley

The Conch Pearl Abaco, Bahamas

“Peggy helped us a great deal in working with the energies in our home, bringing them more into alignment with the energies we want to nurture in ourselves and offer to those who come into our home.  In preparing for our actual session with Peggy, Mark and I were able to talk about and come to a greater understanding of our individual goals for our living space and how those goals impacted and supported our relationship.  The entire process was supportive, enlightening and fun.”

Virginia Beach, VA

If I had to select just one word for Peggy, it would be luminous.   I had the good fortune to meet her during the International Feng Shui Convention in Orlando in 2001.  Instantly I sensed her graciousness, style, creative insights, and passion for her work and her clients.  Through the years, she has inspired me with her problem solving approaches to a variety of feng shui challenges, her strong intuition, her ability to make unique associations in concepts and applications, and her poise and effectiveness at speaking and teaching.   Peggy has the invaluable combination of design training and talent, extensive feng shui study, intuitive knowledge of the energy of a place, and insight into personality dyamics to achieve dramatic and nourishing results for clients.  She also holds the rapt attention of audiences by presenting feng shui material with a very creative, relevant and meaningful perspective.


I was impressed enough before I knew you that you 1) looked like an artist and person of amazing style in how you dressed and 2) you had come up with your own very interesting insights ( ie. like feng shui and Myers Briggs ) on your own from your own diverse experiences and involvements.   Your expertise with color as well – you have such a fabulous sense and enjoyment of color.   Once again, you take it to new levels by making all kinds of original associations – like your article coming up.




Hi Peggy,

You taught me about developing the abundance corner…and I always seem to have enough resources.   We placed the realtor sign  as you told us in our Pacifica House (CA) and it sold before the open house.  After my 20 yrs of being single, you mentioned putting items in pairs in my marriage corner.  I did this, and met Bill.  Until then, artwork etc was all done solo.



Grand Blanc MI & Fort Myers, FL

I think of your feng shui advice all of the time.  I was at the big art show in Bonita with Bill last week and there was this acclaimed artist who had these skillfully drawn and painted pieces of boats, all empty. I remember how you told me to take back that exact subject matter when I had placed a newly acquired  print over my bed.  No fish, no people, no abundance, no chance to fill my love life.  I can feel these things now, because you have made me aware of their effects.  I thank you, and Bill thanks you.



Naples, FL

I for one want to be on record as saying that Peggy Cross gave an AMAZING class in Feng Shui the Cayce Way!!  I looked forward every week to the new information, and put it immediately into practice as soon as it was available.  It certainly changed my home and my life!
Huge thanks to Peggy and to A.R.E. eGroups for offering this class!
With much gratitude,
Peggy Day


I met Peggy through a class at Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida. She provided a solid overview of Feng Shui and how it can be applied to a home. She worked directly with my husband and me to achieve a very harmonious home through interior design application in furniture placement and colors. Everyone raves about how wonderful they feel when they come to visit. We love it too! After attending Peggy’s class and working directly with Peggy on two of our homes, we knew that we would want to apply the Feng Shui techniques to our new home, presently under construction. Even though we were not able to meet face-to-face, Peggy worked by phone and with our plans and ideas. Peggy helped us to understand some of the nuances of Feng Shui in our new home. She then provided us with an excellent report documenting what we could do to achieve the harmonious lifestyle we were seeking. Peggy is a joy to work with and has wonderful, creative ideas.

Lido Beach, FL

Good morning Peggy,
Thank you again for your time and help in “fine-tuning” my home.  I re-wrote notes and began making adjustments yesterday.  I can honestly say that it feels much more than just rooms and hallways.  I can almost feel it pulsing with energy.  Anyway!  I’ll call if I get a chance to stop by tomorrow for the red stakes.  In the meantime, can you refresh my memory about the metal box?   Enjoy the day,

Norfolk VA

Peggy –
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program on Feng Shui. You tied the Cayce materials in beautifully, with lovely examples from the readings and advise for practical application. I learned more about using Feng Shui in your four hour program than the stack of books I have been reading for years. And had fun going home and fixing some of my problem areas.
Thank you so much for your excellent teaching.
Alison Ray

Virginia Beach, VA, Marketing and Public Information Manager Association for Research and Enlightenment

Peggy Cross came to my home and helped me with choosing colors and prescribed various cures. Feng Shui brings has brought more balance into my life.  Many good things have come my way since I met Peggy.  She has spiritual gifts to give to others if they are mindful and can accept them. Peggy is one of the most talented women, I’ve met and I am only too sorry that she took her practice skills to Virginia Beach.  While I miss her, she can be shared by her new found acquaintances and friends.

Cape Coral, FL

Dear Peggy,

Over the years you have given me great Feng Shui advice and I wanted to share a few observations with you.

My first observation relates to how often I have moved, and moved, and moved again.  I realized the connection in one of our conversations.  The frequency of my relocation is directly related to how often I would rearrange furniture and accessories in my home.   I also noticed that while doing this I was focusing on my restlessness, not realizing that the restlessness was promoting itself at the time.  All of this was realized in hind sight, but there are a few things I purposely tried with good results.

While living in my last home I realized that my bathroom existed in the wealth corner of my home.  I also noticed that I was due an increase in salary.  After some consultation with you, I decided to use purple with purpose…purple rug, purple commode cover and shower curtain.  It took some time but not long after these were implemented I received a salary raise.

I focused on strengthening my relationships with co-workers.  I hung two equal sized crystals symmetrically in the archway located in the relationship corner of my home.    Soon thereafter, I noticed more equal and more respectful interactions from co-workers and employers.

Much Love and Peace,


West Palm Beach

Your writing style is like your talking style.  As I read it I heard you say it.  Enjoyed the lessons.


Hello Peggy…

It was just about a year ago that you came to my house and gave me a long list of suggested cures to do, with my main hope being to open space to welcome my life’s love.  I was so glad that you and I bumped into each other just before you moved to VA, when I showed you the picture of Pat and told you a bit of the story of our finding each other.  We’re now engaged, living together, and packing my house to move our family to Western Massachusetts.  So the adventure continues!  Deep thanks for your wisdom and teaching that helped open the door.

Many Blessings,



I thought you’d enjoy knowing that I found a gator themed windchime and hung it from a purple threat in the “prosperity” bathroom. I added two orange and blue glass fish facing inward and the purple bucket with the Persian violet to the windowsill. I did this this morning. I just found out I was awarded some stock options from AT&T. They are not worth much today but may have some decent return in their four year term.

I’ll keep you posted on our results!
Many thanks,

Kay Lee


Dear Peggy,
These are my best feng shui stories. Wanted to get them to you now even though they are not polished.

Feng Shui & The Leaky Bathroom
This happened when I had been divorced for about a year. The income from my alimony had been pretty reliable. But it started coming later and later. In addition, I seemed to be having trouble hanging on to the money I had. It was like water slipping through my fingers. No matter how careful I was, expenses were coming at me from all angles; the kids, the car, the house. It seemed unending. It was a very stressful time. I was trying to decide what to do. Should I sell the house? Do I need to go back to court to collect the late alimony? Will things stabilize in time?

This had been going on for about 3 months, when I went out to my rarely used pool bathroom and noticed that there was a leak in the roof. “Great” I thought. One more expense! But I called the roofer, and had the leak fixed. About the same time, the expenses seemed to stabilize. And suddenly the back alimony was paid in full. Did I mention where the pool bath was located? Right in the financial corner of my home! I check for leaks in the pool bath regularly now!

Feng Shui & Bad boyfriend
My niece was sent to stay with me from another state. At 15, she had been seeing a 20 year old guy against her parents’ permission. Despite the distance, the lovebirds managed to stay in touch, and the relationship continued via long distance and email.

At the same time, my own teenage daughter longed for a steady relationship. But despite her popularity, all the guys were “just friends”.

In the process of remodeling my home, the girls traded bedrooms. The niece painted hers purple, and my daughter painted her electric hot pink. About that time, Peggy reminded me that the purple bedroom had no relationship corner due to the irregular shape, which I had not remedied. It was the perfect time in terms of remodeling but I decided not to do so now either. “Good” I thought. Maybe this will end a bad relationship. I wondered if anything would really happen. Well it certainly did!

Within 30 days of the room switch, my daughter met a young man that she has now been dating for 5 years. My niece and the bad boy broke up, and she was able to see him for the creep he was.

Feng Shui and a vision
Several years ago, I quietly placed a reproduction of a Renoir painting in the relationship corner of my bedroom. It is of a couple dancing at a wedding, and it captures their completely in sync movement. It represented to me what I was looking for. Joy, respect, moving together, but each individuals at the same time.

One month later we met. Four years later we married. And danced, just like the couple in the painting. The print is still in the relationship corner of OUR bedroom.

Karen B.

Naples FL

I have been drawn to Peggy since the day I met her, and it’s because of her “alive” energy!  She is a walking Bagua…..just spend time with her and you’ll feel recharged.  I have a lot of respect for her and her work, she’s a gem!

Bonita Springs

Lani Fleming

Naples FL

I’ve always looked to you as being the one who instinctively knew what would be “new” – whether a author/book to read, a cooking trend, or a design idea… why you even introduced me to a butterfly garden YEARsssss ago and now people want these in their backyards!!  You were into yoga and Feng Shui way before they were popular.    You’re a trend-setter and don’t even know it!!!
Lorie Sardelli


Peggy’s Feng Shui on-line class was not only interesting and fun, each session we covered a new area, of which I still find useful.  I just wish they had a continuation of this class going into even more detail.


I highly recommend Peggy for workshops.


West Virginia


Thank you for the information regarding the “Secret” conference call!  I love getting your emails, they are always full of information.  I hope life is going well!  I don’t know if you remember, but my parents still have not moved out.  The big day should be the first weekend in April.  I can hardly wait to use my knowledge and Feng Shui the house!  I  moved some things around in my room, and I created a l lovely romance corner.  And about a month later I saved a male dog!  He is everything I want in a man, but with four legs.  I am excited to hear what your next workshop is going to be.  I hope to see you soon.

Tanner Wood

Jacksonville FL

Dear Peggy,

I would like to thank you for the ideas and choices that we have been able to incorporate at Waterside Shops at Pelican Bay.  We get compliments daily on the “new look” for the public area that you designed.  It is always nice to find someone that also will work toward a mutual goal instead of insisting on his or her own program.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Very truly yours,

Randy DeShong

Operations Manager Waterside Shops Naples, FL

Comments from on line students for classes taught through the A.R.E. in answer to the following:

What was the best thing about this eGroup for you?

This class made Feng Shui accessible.  Looking through books in the past, it seemed too complicated and I had set them aside.  I really appreciated being able to ask specific questions and being able to move ahead with some assurance that I was enhancing my space and not creating problems.  On a personal level, the meditation was a powerful experience, bringing up a lot of emotion.

I liked being able to move at my own pace.   The materials were well presented and audio’s were easy to access.  Access to Peggy was also good.  Peggy responded very quickly to a question I asked.
. A.G.

This is the first time I have taken an eGroup class.  I liked being able to work when it was convenient for me, rather than a set time. For this class specifically, my biggest take away was the significance of removing clutter from my life and living with intention.

I was very interested in the subject and found it was very easy to find, read, download etc. The format was simple and understandable. I was so busy with it I didn’t post any comments on the board. Sorry. I LOVED it and learned a lot. Thank You

I redid my apartment this weekend and it is fabulous. I can really tell a difference in the energy. After I get my crystals from the book store it will be even better.

Peggy was amazing. Also wanted to thank you again for your help early on. Was impressed that you contacted me personally to help. Even though I should expect this from a fellow A.R.E. member, it still pleases when help is so generously given.

Peggy’s demeanor–hands down. I enjoyed her professional knowledge, willingness to share, passion for feng shui principles, and humor in answering soooo many questions. I took this class for fun–and to take a class on-line or thru eGroup. I just joined ARE –timing was perfect—

Your course definitely came at precisely the right moment in my life when I was worrying about finances, struggling to move my spiritual life to a higher level, wanting to reverse a couple of bothersome health issues, and also wondering how my new living space could be arranged to create its optimum atmosphere. The timing could not have been more perfect, and like a desperately hungry animal, I gobbled up every morsel that was offered!! Since then, I’ve even helped three friends make small changes in their apartments to facilitate wealth being drawn into their lives permanently. Two of them already had good-sized amethyst geodes in their homes, so I simply suggested that they move them to the wealth corner to catch and hold any forthcoming opportunities for – and manifestations of – abundance. One of them moved it to exactly where I suggested, and since then she’s had an amazing number of business opportunities come her way! The other friend did move hers, but there is still so much clutter all around it that my sense is that it’s being hindered in its work (she, too, has had new business opportunities come to her, but there seem to be so many hurdles and red tape and delays that have slowed the forward movement of each one down to a crawl). The third friend and I have had such busy schedules lately that I haven’t had a chance to talk with her to find out if her outer environment and inner space have shifted in any way. For myself, I’m extremely cognizant now of every single item that I set down anywhere in the house and of how it may affect that gua in my life, and I do whatever I can to keep the entire space clutter-free and the chi flowing. Am truly delighted at how abundance has poured into every aspect of my life! Right now I have three different people wanting me to go into business with them; have “happened upon” three new investment possibilities, with great potential income, for the funds that I’ll start pulling out of of my IRA soon (since I’m turning 70 1/2 and am required to do that); and am suddenly even receiving a small monthly fee now from a friend for whom I’ve worked gratis for years. And, after shifting around items in my Spirituality gua during the Feng Shui course – as well as consciously adding several specific stones to that corner – my intuition (spirituality) is opening up by leaps and bounds as I combine my personal longtime spiritual routines with understandings from a class I’m currently taking in Native American sacred practices. My health is great, though that’s the one arena in which I’d like to have more change, since there are still a few aspects that I would like to see shift. Guess I should explore that further in relation to the Tai Chi gua of my house. Life is amazing, and new joys and insights appear daily! I continue to be extremely grateful to you for all the information you gave us and the changes you facilitated in me!
Anonymous from on line class