Peggy Cross A.S.I.D. is a professional Feng Shui teacher, lecturer, writer and consultant as well as Virginia certified Interior Designer. Her clients span the continent and her mission is to assist and guide clients in achieving joy, beauty, harmony, and desired change in their lives.

She works with people’s issues through the physical expressions found in their homes and yards, offices and even cars. She uses the Bagua, the map of life, to align aspects of her clients’ lives such as marriage, self and business relationships, health, community reputation & fame, children and creativity, career, financial prosperity, family relationships, knowledge and spiritual growth, health – any issue a person might conceive – with areas of their homes and/or offices.

Our homes are an outward expression of our inner being. As such, the clutter we keep in our homes can frequently cause emotional, mental, spiritual and physical stagnation. Clients are encouraged to approach clutter both symbolically and literally for profound results. Peggy explores the use of color, its impact and importance in your personal space. She helps you identify your personal symbols – conscious and subconscious – and to notice their significance in your life. She locates “poison arrows” that create negative energy and sometimes ill health and recommends methods to mitigate this “sha chi”. She identifies missing energies within a home/office, and much, much more. Many of her clients have sought assistance in finding a romantic partner – for a date or for marriage – and they are successful. Others have created an increased financial flow, sold homes, reconciled families, gotten pregnant, changed jobs, received promotions, and created more harmonious living environments for themselves and their families. Feng Shui is in your life whether you know it, want it, or not – it is the energy of your environment.

Services Available:

  • Artwork to enhance your home, some of which have a channeled message. These are healing and powerful.
  • On site Feng Shui consultations.
  • Off site consultations: A specialty is using a scaled floor plan, hand drawn floor plan and short biography. This is helpful prior to construction or remodeling – AND for any home in any location for any reason.
  • Rituals are especially valuable for new construction or remodeling, and space clearing. They are very powerful for eliminated unwanted energies, seen or unseen, from your life.
  • Collaboration with architects and builders to fine tune your plans before beginning construction.
  • Previewing homes prior to renting or buying; special consultations to sell real estate.
  • On going classes are offered in various sites and cities. Lectures and classes may be
    scheduled upon request.
  • Interior Design consultations regarding – anything you want or desire.