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1. Setting of the appointment. This is when the exchange of energy begins and is indicative of our commitment to each other. I am quite comfortable with your pets. No visitors please, just occupants of the space.

2. Our conversation at the appointment. This begins with discussion of your home or office and may include history of previous owners, their experiences and reason for moving. It may include your moving experience. It will include your more recent life experience in this home and possibly your prior home if you moved recently.

3. My initial tour of the grounds, home, or office. I give attention to the surrounding neighborhood, adjacent buildings or businesses, your property, your location within a condominium or apartment building, the exterior building entry as well as the home or business interior.

4. A discussion of how you feel about living in your home. What rooms do you like? What rooms bother you, if any? This may include color, furnishings and/or their arrangement, functionality, room placement, neighbors, clutter…..most anything.

5. We will discuss your current intentions and goals. What would you like to be different in your life? What aspects of your life are working well?

6. An explanation of the Bagua – a life map. We discuss how your space and the Bagua relate. This includes an analysis of energetic omissions or extensions in the building footprint, their impact, and explanation of what rooms or areas may be reflective of your life desires.

7. Analysis of the yard and landscape if applicable.

8. Recommended changes and object cures. These may include moving furniture, eliminating clutter, painting, adding crystals, colors, wind chimes, mirrors, plants, and others. My recommendations may be minimal or they may be huge.

9. Teaching of the Three Secrets, a ritual for setting your intentions for desired change relating to your specific object cures.

10. I honor the Red Envelope Tradition. Payment is to be contained in nine red envelopes. Red is the traditional Chinese color for luck and happiness and represents fire energy for moving forward in your life





1. In our initial contact, we talk or email to explore parameters of your consultation and to identify your needs and wants.  A consultation may include the following, and it is not limited to the following.

2. You provide me with a scaled floor plan, including all levels of your home.  If this is a single family home, include a site plan with your home’s  placement on your property. Indicate the driveway and adjacent roads.

3. You provide a short biography regarding your current life situation.  Please include things that you like about your life as well as those things you would like to change or enhance.   Include your birth date as well as that of any other people living in your residence.  Also, please include how you feel about living in your home.  This could be about rooms  you enjoy  or don’t enjoy?   If you can be specific, do so; your feelings may relate to colors, furnishings and/or their arrangement, functionality, room placement, neighbors, clutter, the neighborhood, your yard…..most anything.

4. Predecessor energy may be important; why did the prior occupants move.

5. Your moving experience, if recent, may be meaningful.

6. If this is a newly constructed dwelling, were there any accidents or problems during construction.

7. Send pictures if you like, to identify more clearly a room that does not feel good to you.  A video is a wonderful help in many ways.

8. Communication by email or phone during Feng Shui analysis may be helpful.

9. My analysis begins with a review of how your space and the Bagua (life map) relate.  It will include what is auspicious about your home or office plan and address the areas of your life that you wish to enhance.

10. Recommended changes and object cures may include painting, adding crystals, color, wind chimes, mirrors, plants, etc. or, if in the planning stages, suggestions for changes in interior space planning. My recommendations may be minimal or huge.

11. I provide a written report.   We have a follow up conversation if desired and questions are always welcome.

12. I honor the Red Envelope Tradition.  Payment is to be contained in nine red envelopes.  Red is the traditional Chinese color for luck and happiness and represents fire energy for moving forward in your life.

Peggy Cross
393 River Forest Road
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757-962-0933    239-450-4554







This remote consultation, using the client’s scaled floor plan for their condominium and our conversation, is an example of what is possible to see about one’s life using this format. This condominium building had not yet broken ground at the time we worked together.


I am beginning by giving you an overview of placement, not considering any of the terraces as integral living space.  Thus, in the Bagua as it is “squared off”, you have a long rectangular shape that I outlined in blue on the floor plan I am returning to you.  Beginning at the front door, the bottom or north edge of the Bagua is lined up with the front main entry that is in the Career/Life Journey Gua.  (As you know, the directions on the Bagua are the reverse of our western maps.)  Your laundry room and powder room are also in this area; with a small part missing that is the exterior hall of your condominium.

To the bottom left, the kitchen and breakfast area are an extension to the Knowledge/Spiritual Growth Gua.  The actual gua takes in the storage, the sink/counter space and part of the living/dining area.

Above that is the Family gua, part of the living and dining area with just a tiny corner missing.

Above that is the Abundance Gua that includes a sliver of the living/dining area and a corner of the master bedroom.  The terrace portion is an omission and there is an extension in your bedroom.

The top or south side of the Bagua goes through the middle of your master bedroom on a line with the bottom of your bath and the top of the adjacent guestroom.  This means you are sleeping outside the Bagua in an extension to the Fame Gua.   Your master bath is an extension to the Fame Gua.  This gua includes half the master bedroom, closet and a corner of the dining room.

The marriage Gua is most of guestroom 2 and the terrace is an area of omission in that gua.

The Children/Creativity Gua is part of the guestroom, hall and the majority of your den.

Helpful People/Travel and Philanthropy is guest bedroom 3 and part of the den.  It has an extension in the bedroom area and a missing corner; the actual square footage of the extension and the omission is close to equal.

The center, Ming Tang, is the dining room, hallway, and a bit of your master bedroom.

Positive attributes of this plan are:

  1. You cannot see a toilet, your bed, or the stove from the front door.
  2. The Ming Tang does not contain the kitchen or a bathroom.
  3. You do not have bathrooms either in Abundance or Marriage Guas.
  4. You will be more grounded being on the main level.  It is not advisable to be more than a third of the way up in a high rise.
  5. The position of your bathroom; its door is down a hall and the bathroom itself off to the side.
  6. The door and hall going to the master bedroom, very nice, very private; makes a great retreat.
  7. The location of your bedroom is behind the center line of your home.
  8. There is no door or window opposite the entry to your home.
  9. Doors to your bath and closet and to the two guest bedrooms are directly opposite each other.  There are no “fighting doors” anywhere in the plan.

I would recommend using tiny mirrors to metaphysically enclose the terrace off guestroom 2. Place them at any height, reflecting each other, on both sides of the NE post. The pair of chairs is perfect. The intention is to have a complete gua, lacking no energy for your marriage.

I would definitely use this furniture arrangement that includes two nightstands. The NE corner of the room is the marriage area of that particular room. Put a pair of something that symbolizes partnership. This could be a picture of you and your husband or animals or birds that mate for life or other artwork. As you know, the primary color for this gua is pink so that would be an excellent color to paint the room if you like pink. Do not use any color you do not like. This gua is of the earth element so yellow is good, symbolizing the earth. Terra cotta would be good as a tone of red which is secondary to pink and can also be considered an earth tone. Just be sure, if this appeals to you, that you don’t make it so energetic that it could create sleep challenges for your guests. In setting an intention with the Three Secrets for your marriage, focus on whatever feels appropriate for the two of you.

If there is a fan, put a 30mm crystal on the pull chain. This is to distribute the fan’s energy; fans are not recommended above beds.

Place a 30mm crystal over the slider to protect the integrity of your marriage and incidentally, guest couples. This would be the perfect room for a picture of your daughter and her fiancé. If it were by the dresser, it would be in the Children’s Gua, also very appropriate. With The Three Secrets, you might set the intention for their happy marriage and, if desired, bring in potential grandchildren if that would be for the highest good of all concerned.

For your son, you could include his picture with the intention that he find a wonderful wife. I recommend that you let go of the thinking that overseas makes this difficult and focus on his well being.

This is also a good room for pictures of your children with whatever intent you may wish to place for them. I would recommend that you include a picture of …….and ………. with the intent that their relationship continue to improve and their communication continue to expand. That particular intent would be best expressed by ………. Pictures with the same intentions as above would also be appropriate.

The way the desk is indicated is good because it is facing the door. Remember to place yourself so that your back is not to either door and to use mirrors above the desk or on the computer to reflect behind you if you put a desk where you have indicated a possible wall unit.

I can see the computers’ being a means of expression and creativity for someone in your household. It is very interesting that you first said about the computers that you enjoy them…”maybe too much.” Then, on the floor plan you drew, that room was not labeled nor did it have enough furniture in it for me to have been able to tell what it was without the printed floor plan and your comments about its being for the computers. That appears to be your saying in two different ways, first the written comment and then the omission of a label, that you need to do something other than be at your computer…that it has too dominant a place in your life. This may be part of the 24 x 7 schedule that can be changed to both yours and your husband’s benefit. What creative or self-nurturing activity would you prefer other than being at your computer? A yoga, tai chi, Chinese history or art class perhaps? Additionally, you did not draw in the double doors going to this den. This may be an indication that you see no way to separate yourself from this particular room and activity.

The primary color is white for this gua. It is symbolized by metal, the color of which is white and the shape is round or arched. Given your love of color, use white as an accent.

It is an area of metal, again symbolized by white or metallics. The color of this gua is gray. I recommend a very special metal box in which you place a written list of your needs and desires. This could be relative to your own life as well as others. Remember, this Gua also represents philanthropy and it balances abundance, directly across the Bagua. You may choose to light candles in here for a specific request at some time.

Put a mirror on the bathroom door facing into the bedroom with the intention that the energy of helpful people not be lost down the drains of the bathroom. Keep the door to the bath closed.

Metaphysically enclose the terrace on its open side, using small mirrors opposite one another, with the intention that this be an extension of this part of your life.

Earth creates metal so earthy colors also support this energy. This gua also includes travel.

As you are technically retired, you may wish to consider this more of your life’s journey area. As you have drawn this entryway without one of its walls, that tells me that, upon moving, you will be very open to persons and energies coming into your life. This is a reflection of what you say your life is now, a place where family and friends want to come and visit.

Bear in mind that seeing the dining table the first thing when you come in may indicate people coming to eat a lot, and may also be indicative of what you say about wanting to lose weight. By this placement, the same as in your present home, it says possible weight challenges. Interesting how many homes are designed like this and how many of us in this culture carry excess weight.

To cure the missing portion of this area out in the hall, put a mirror on the end of the wall coming from your back door that faces a mirror on the wall perpendicular to it if you can. The first choice is, if you can get in before the finished floor is put down, draw a red line from the end of the wall coming from the back door over to the other wall. If you cannot, put a tiny red dot on the floor (or the ceiling would work) where the wall coming out from your back door would extend to connect with the perpendicular wall. The intention would be to complete the energy of the gua.

The primary color for this water gua is black and dark blue is a supporting color. This could make a dramatic front entry wall and I know you like blue. The powder room could likewise be a deep blue and very dramatic also.

From the looks of this floor plan there is going to be a lot of movement in your lives. Front door and back door both in this gua as well as laundry room, powder room and guest 3 bathroom, all water rooms, in the water gua.

Hang a wind chime outside your front door if you are permitted, with the intention that it attract good energy into your life. If you can, include a water feature also. This could be a picture of a waterfall or a fountain; same intention with the addition of abundance continuing to flow. If not, you may choose to put one or more of these inside your entry.

The teaching for an extension in this area is that the family members will become more self-absorbed and that can possibly cause conflicts.

This is a great kitchen for comfort and workability. Because of the vulnerable stove position, my first recommendation would be to mirror the back splash of that wall along the entire counter. It is also a great look aesthetically. The intention is protection because your back, while cooking, will be to the room’s entry. The stove is very important because it provides sustenance for the family. If this is not feasible, hang a wind chime over the cook’s standing position.

This gua is represented by blue but that does not work for a kitchen. You may choose to go to green. It is an area of earth represented by yellow, tan or perhaps terra cotta. The kitchen is an area of fire and green representing wood would support that.

This area is a great place for books that could be in the built-in on the south wall of the living room. If you are keeping this living room floor plan, I would recommend removing the single chair because it blocks the openness of the sitting area and, even though its back is not pointed directly at the entry, it has a negative rather than a welcoming feel to it. It also looks too close to the dining table and chairs, relative to the entire space. Remember a minimum of 3’ for circulation space.

This is as much of the universe as you wish to include other than your descendants…parents and other relatives, siblings, clubs, organizations, etc. It is excellent placement for the living room and dining room, given your proclivity for socializing. I wouldn’t be concerned about this tiny missing corner unless something in your life changes when you move into this home; it is working very well at present.

To enclose the large missing portion, find the exact point on the terrace where the extensions of the west wall of the living room and the north line of the Bagua, (a line continuing through the condo fro the north line of the little terrace outside the guest room), would meet. Place a large purple dot at this place if you can do so before the flooring goes down, a smaller one if not. Put one directly above it on the ceiling or, if you prefer, a small mirror to reflect the power of the purple upward. I am recommending purple because that is the primary color for this gua. Also, because you have previously worked with Feng Shui for a couple of years in your present home, this is upping the cure level a notch.

The address of your home, 4949, is an “8” which is excellent for economic and all kinds of abundance.

This is a wood gua so trees are excellent here. I see one depicted in the corner of the terrace as well as in the dining room by the buffet. Water supports wood in the enhancement cycle so you could include a fountain on the terrace. Additionally, it symbolizes the flow of money and would be great in this area. A fountain is not recommended in the bedroom.

Green and red are supporting colors for this gua.

Place a 30mm crystal over the slider in the bedroom to preserve the integrity of the energy here. Hang it from a purple ribbon (cut to an increment of 9 inches). Extra doors in the master bedroom are not advised.

If you have a fan, hang a 30mm crystal from a red ribbon on it.

Put a picture of you and your spouse in the marriage corner of the room, straight ahead from the doorway. No pictures of anyone else belong in your bedroom. This is your sanctuary.

You may wish to put a symbol of abundance in the far left corner of your bedroom with the intention that your abundance continue to flow. This symbol might be purple flowers, money, a wind chime or – your choice.

If you have a mirror above the dresser, you should not be able to see yourselves while lying in bed. Place a mirror behind the dresser, reflective side out, on a level with the mattress, with the intention that it bring your energies into the bagua while you are sleeping.

If you have a tray ceiling in your bedroom with a straight edge aiming down at your bed, put a 40mm crystal hung from a red ribbon above your heads to dissipate that poison arrow energy.

You didn’t indicate a concern in your bio for anything that would specifically fall in this category. This being the area for reputation, it sounds as though that is in fine shape.

Here you did not draw the door to your bedroom. I think this says that you could benefit from more boundaries between you personally and the other areas of your life.

The openness of this area is very positive. In the center of your home I recommend that you put a 50mm crystal, hanging from a yellow ribbon. This is an area of earth, primary color yellow. Place this crystal in the center of the space created by the hall entrance to your bedroom, dining room, laundry room and beginning of long hall to den for balancing purposes. See also comments on rushing chi in General Observations.

It is good that it is not a disappearing edge pool. Try to get rounded corners if you can although since it is down a level, it is not as important.


Under every bed that is above the garage, place a mirror reflecting downward to keep any car’s energy below. If it is your own garage space below, you may hang a crystal above your car to dissipate the energy.

Put mirrors on your ceiling reflecting upward to the unit above to keep their energies contained within their unit. I would recommend these be placed throughout your home, particularly in those rooms where you spend a lot of time. Your bedroom is essential. I realize they could look weird so I would suggest the far left corner of your bedroom, possibly to be concealed by a window treatment. To support the corners of the home, place in guest bedroom 2 in the far right corner and in guest room 3 the far left corner, above the built-in in the living room, or on top of it, and on top of kitchen cabinets and lastly in your closet which is so close to the center of your home.

The long hall from the den to the living dining area creates rushing chi. You have a crystal at the slider in the living room and one at the beginning of the hall proper. Add a 40mm crystal on a white ribbon in the center of the hall between the doors to the two guestrooms. I would recommend using wall hangings of some sort that protrude into the hall itself, like an antique mirror that is a hat rack or wall sconces that are curved in design or a hanging basket with silk flowers. This is important.

All are to be hung on a ribbon cut to an increment of nine inches.

These will be the corners of walls if these are not radiused. For example, the person sitting at the desk shown in the den will be the recipient of subtle cutting energy emanating from the opposite corner. If you place a desk where the wall unit is indicated, you will have a P.A. coming from the opposite entry corner.

From the corner of your closet, a P.A. is directed at the person sleeping on the right side of the bed. See how you feel once you are in the space. It may be far enough away that it is not an issue. You may use a soft scarf or wide ribbon hanging from the ceiling on that wall edge, or a plant, or any other softening agent you can thing of. A scarf may look a little strange but it makes a huge difference. There is also a P.A. aimed at the foot of the guest bed in #3. If this bed is used infrequently don’t be too concerned about it unless people cannot sleep well.

There is one pointed toward the center seat on the far side of the dining table. This should not be an issue from a health standpoint if you don’t sit there very often. However, from a comfort standpoint, let your feelings guide you. The chair in the living room (that I recommend not using) has a P.A. going directly into its back from the corner of the area labeled storage.

The work area in the island receives a P.A. coming from the corner of the wall to the right of the sink. It is a distance that may negate the issue.

The entire west side of the home can be in greens for different reasons; the north side can be in shades of red and the east in white or using white accents. These are either main or secondary colors for each gua on that side of the home. Marriage, for example, is pink with red and white supporting. The colors you use do not need to have a Feng Shui reason for being your choice.

Do not use any color that you do not like. Color is very individual and depends on a person’s culture and life experiences and personality. You have said that you still love the blues, reds and greens so use them abundantly to give you and your guests the feeling of being comfortable, relaxed, nurtured and happy that you enjoy in your present home. This is a much more open plan than your present home in terms of the communal living spaces: no family room and a living, dining and kitchen that all need to flow together.

See red diagram. The more pronounced changes would be on the south side and it would be a matter of using cures to enclose the terraces and empty air space. The recommendations for issues and rooms will be the same.

The tide is nature’s best indication of the constant ebb and flow of energy. It is a beautiful and bountiful setting for your new residence and I congratulate you on your choice.

May you have an easy sale and transition into your new home and may you enjoy it as much as you do your current residence. Please write or call if you have any questions.

Many Blessings,
Peggy Joy