Clarify and Magnify your Path to Personal Power

Our Homes are an outward expression of our  inner authentic selves and our  lives.   Do you love your  life?     What does Your Home say?

Does your home say,  I am beautiful – I love you – I welcome you – I support you in all that you need and desire?

Does your home function for you in the very best way possible?

Enhance your authentic and most powerful self in ongoing gatherings with Peggy Cross, in her home, learning and sharing the teachings and your experiences with Feng Shui…………..Environmental Healing


Beginning Wednesday,  September 30,  7:00 to 9:00pm Ongoing, next is November 18, 2015

Change for the week of Thanksgiving to Tuesday night: November 24th – by request a special class on Dousing

Power Up With Peggy

393 River Forest Road     Virginia Beach, VA

Ongoing – $20 per evening

Each week will bring a new topic

The Bagua, or Life Map, begins this series.

Reserve your place @ or 757-962-0933