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Peggy Cross, A.S.I.D.

Peggy Cross, A.S.I.D.

Artist and Feng Shui Expert

The beauty and harmony that are the essence of Peggy’s spiritual ideal are reflected in her colorful artwork, initially evoking the energies of the Bagua and the Five Elements as she began with tiny 4×4” canvases that represented the Bagua – the life map of Feng Shui.  This was the spring of 2008;   “I just couldn’t not paint any longer” is how she began.   Within a few weeks she was invited to hold a show at the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, and did so again in 2013.    Four of her works based on the Chinese elements currently hang in the A.R.E. in a private collection.

After a serious car wreck in 2012 her work changed; her expression is now guided purely through color, texture, flow, music and love..  Still on crutches that summer, she attended her next private show opening at the Yoga Company in Virginia Beach.   After breaking her right wrist in 2015,  she began painting left handed which evoked for her, after an hour or two,  flowing tears followed by dizziness, all while still painting.  This experience was powerful and disorienting, as well as a little scary, and it was repeated……an inter-dimensional journey according to some.  Peggy’s preferred medium for her art  is acrylic and many paintings are begun with a single brush and many colors interacting.  Her art is non-representational, created in loving joyfulness, accompanied by beautiful music and dancing, and guided by spiritual masters from the other side.  Some pieces have messages channeled by loving friends of many years experience with this modality of communication.

Eight pieces of Peggy’s artwork were exhibited and raised the energy at The Hampton Roads Center for Spiritual Living from August, 2017 throughout the year. There is also a new piece, Dancing For Joy III showing in the main auditorium at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. The audio visual director Kevin Grant has four of her early works relating to Feng Shui in his office at the ARE. He is happy to share them with visitors. In January 2017, she created a fundraiser for friends; more than 40 of her paintings were shown. Peggy was the featured artist at Unity Renaissance in Chesapeake, VA in 2016 with 11 paintings on display. It was also her third year to participate in the faculty show at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach.  In  December two pieces were part of a feature exhibit with Dillard’s in MacArthur Mall, Norfolk, created through The Art Institute.   She has also participated in shows at Bishopsgate in Virginia Beach, the  Everna Lee Taylor “Scents and Treasures Gallery” in Hampton and with the 703 Group of Hampton Roads for a charity event in Annapolis, Maryland.   Her work has been featured for purchase at The Red Queen Gallery in Onancock, Virginia and Michael Millard-Lowe Antiques in Norfolk, Virginia.  She has donated artwork to the Abuse Counseling Treatment center auction in Fort Myers and also to Habitat for Humanity and Planned Parenthood.  She has additionally created  coffee cups and greeting cards imprinted with her artwork which have been available at the Creative Wedge and Bishopsgate, both in Virginia Beach.   Her artwork is in private collections in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Minnesota, California, Ohio, Italy, Indiana and Japan.

“Peggy Cross is an incredible artist full of vision and light.  Every time I have been in the presence of Peggy’s art, I have been filled with a feeling of joy and lightness.  There is a certain positive energy that is reflected from the work that she does.  I believe each piece comes through her hands spiritually as she paints on a certain vibrational level and each piece is truly reflective of her vision.  The art I purchased from Peggy traveled with me to Italy and sits in my foyer so it can be witnessed and enjoyed by all who enter my home.”   Cella Ford, Vicenza, Italy


My love affair with designing interior spaces began about the age of five as I played in homes being constructed in my neighborhood. A very early memory is of how much fun it was to be up in the rafters, surveying the home below me, and deciding how the various rooms were to be used. When I was twelve years old I painted my bedroom gray and sewed pink café curtains for my window. I recall in detail the floor plan of every home in which I have lived – my home growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, next a dorm suite at Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri; apartments, houses, and condominiums – 22 in all.

Decades ago Peggy brought her love affair with creativity, energy and interior spaces to her early careers as a real estate broker/sales agent and criminal probation officer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Incidentally, jail cells have lousy Feng Shui. When she went into real estate sales her motivation was “Now I can help people find their dream homes”.

Beauty supports the soul – in nature, through artwork and all creative endeavors, and it is especially important in our homes. Our home is meant to support and nurture us, functionally and aesthetically. Thus, I paint energetically powerful and uplifting Artwork, practice Feng Shui to help guide people in changing and improving their lives, and consult in the Interior Design profession…….I teach, lecture, and share information; I bring peace, love and joy in my work, or professional playtime; I write and I edit for other spiritual authors, and I love my life.


Peggy Cross began her interior design career in 1988 and has been a professional Feng Shui teacher, lecturer, writer and consultant since 1998. Her mission is to provide guidance to her clients and students in creating beauty, joy, harmony, and desired change in their lives. Her mission is also to raise awareness of the potential for Divine connection through Feng Shui intention and her artwork.

She has traveled coast-to-coast studying with Chinese Masters of both the Compass and the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Schools of Feng Shui as well as Vaastru Shastra; she has additionally studied with many other teachers – over 500 hours of classroom study in all. One of her favorites taught her how to talk to bug devas as well as how to douse auras while others shared their expertise on how to clear spaces of negative energies. Dousing is an integral part of her life and her Feng Shui consultations.

Peggy has been commissioned to work on site with Feng Shui clients in California, Nevada, Michigan and Abaco, The Bahamas, in addition to Virginia and Florida where she has lived. In addition to personal residences, she has consulted with art galleries, law offices, manufacturers, builders, and retail endeavors.

She has numerous clients across the country with whom she consults on line and over the telephone using a current life biography, videos and floor plans, both to scale and quickly sketched. Using her recommendations, Peggy’s clients and students have found spouses, sold homes, enhanced their spiritual growth, healed family relationships, changed careers, increased financial flow; children have improved their grades and relationships with absent parents, and more. Was this merely a coincidence? One woman became pregnant the night of her first class – her major focus.


Known for her joyfulness and sense of humor, Peggy has taught Feng Shui classes and lectured in Florida, Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. She has been an adjunct instructor in both Interior Design and Feng Shui for Tidewater Community College in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is currently an adjunct instructor in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. Peggy has also taught Interior Design and Feng Shui at the Hermitage Museum and the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia, the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, various colleges in Southwest Florida and numerous other venues in these states as well as Michigan, North Carolina and Nevada. In her on-line teaching through the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, she has reached students around the globe. For seven years, as a volunteer, she gave monthly lectures at the A.R.E. on this favorite topic. She has given many conference presentations at the A.R.E. and conducted full day workshops on Cayce and Feng Shui in both Houston, Texas and Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Peggy was a weekly guest on The Maria Shaw Show during 2008 and on The Kimmie Rose Show during 2009 talking about Feng Shui. Later she recorded interviews for the A.R.E. and then enjoyed one with Chessie Roberts in Get on The Grid with Intention Radio in 2014. An interview with Cella Ford may be accessed at : http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/75253/love-and-romance-in-the-master-bedroom-the-use-of-feng-shui. In 2015 she was a guest of Dr. Amelia Kemp on blogtalkradio.com/drameliakemp. She appeared several times as a guest on WTVK television in Florida and has been interviewed on radio in Michigan and Florida.

Southwest Florida’s Natural Awakenings has published many articles on Feng Shui written by Peggy. She was published in the Naples Daily News and has been featured in the Florida publications Fort Myers New Press, Properties of Distinction, Naples Illustrated and Gulfshore Life. Since 2007 she has been published in the Virginia-based publications Venture Inward, Pleasant Living, Thrive, The Open Road and Awareness, Exploring Spirituality. She has been published in Donna Eden’s e-magazine Inner Source and the e-magazine IFSG Grapevine, both with international readership. Some of these articles are available on this website.

Peggy’s article “Feng Shui and Edgar Cayce” appeared in Venture Inward, published by the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A., in 2007, followed by “From Chaos to Clarity” in 2009. The Open Road, the magazine of Edgar Cayce Canada, has more recently published two of her articles. Her latest, “Personal Chi and Feng Shui “, appeared in the premier issue of Awareness, Exploring Spirituality early in 2016.

The beauty and harmony that are the essence of Peggy’s spiritual ideal are reflected in her colorful artwork, initially evoking the energies of the Bagua and the Five Elements. After a serious car wreck in 2012 her work changed and is now expressed through color, texture and flow. It is totally non-representational, created in loving joyfulness, accompanied by beautiful music and dancing, and guided by spiritual masters from the other side. Some pieces have messages channeled from Spirit by loving friends of many years experience with this modality of communication. Another experienced a vortex and heard music in her art. After breaking her right wrist in 2015, she began painting left handed which evoked trans-dimensional experiences that were both powerful and disorienting.


Peggy Cross received her B.F.A. in Interior Design from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, and her B.A. in Political Science from Indiana/Purdue Universities at Indianapolis. She is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.) nationally certified through N.C.I.D.Q. and a Virginia certified Interior Designer.

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