I like the term Gifts From God. What is the most creative endeavor you have ever undertaken? Hopefully there are so many you cannot even answer. Are you happily creative in your life right now, either in your work and/or personal life? I always tell my design students to “think outside the box” in their assignments – a very common expression. I consider myself to be a Cultural Creative……great book on that topic by Paul Ray. As we create our lives, manifestation is one way to consider being creative. Going down that road, aligning with the thoughts create things and the mind is the builder perspective, everything we experience in our life is a creation. That would be a broad perspective.

From a Feng Shui perspective this section of the Bagua represents both children that we bear physically as well as the “children” of our minds and hearts…our creative selves. This self is not just the artist, sculptor, inventor or writer. This self relates to our imagination and creativity in the most mundane of tasks in everyday life. Creativity lives in all of us and can be evidenced in any occupation or endeavor, anywhere, any time. To experience those creative juices flowing brings joy and magic into our lives.

To locate this gua in your residence, stand at the entrance facing the rear of the structure. The children’s gua is the middle third of the home on the right side of the building. The children/creativity gua is the place in which you may choose to address such divergent issues as infertility, writers’ block or your children’s well being. Months after the fact, I learned one of my students conceived the first night of our class; this was her major issue in life at that time.

For children, having their bedroom in this gua is perfect placement within the home. It is recommended that the young child be in a bedroom adjacent to that of the parents’ rather than being separated by the divisive “split plan” currently so popular in new building plans in many parts of the country. This close proximity will enhance the child’s security and keep a solid connection within the family unit.

Within the child’s room, placing his or her bed in the children’s gua is excellent for that child’s energy and development. If this is not possible, place a bright light in that gua to enhance their growth. This will also enhance the child’s creativity and communication skills. Be certain that wherever the bed is placed, the foot of the bed is not in a direct line with the door of the room as that would create a vulnerable and unsafe feeling…the coffin position. The classic object cure for this bed position is to hang an evenly faceted crystal from a red ribbon cut to an increment of 9” between the foot of the bed and the door. A wooden foot board to the bed will always help.

To maintain connectedness with an absent child, hang a brass bell, again from that red ribbon, in the Children’s Gua of your home or master bedroom. You may wish to place pictures of your offspring specifically in this area of your home.

All guas are represented by an element and that of the Children/Creativity Gua is metal. To enliven the chi here, use metal objects such as bells, wind chimes or other gold, silver, or brass objects. Metal is symbolized by the color white and by a round or arched shape. Metal creates water in the enhancement cycle of elements. Thus, an example of using this cycle of creation to create an object cure could be a round metal bowl containing water.

This gua contains the energy of the Lake and symbolizes all the related aspects of the sensory organs: hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight. Delicious fragrances, and beautiful music or artwork will enhance this essence. This is where issues created over and over in our lives passing through adolescence could be addressed. It oversees anything having to do with our voice, whether singing or speaking, as this area symbolizes communication.

This energy center is also the basis for all physical conditions related to this area of the body: gums, jaw, teeth, mouth, throat, thyroid and neck. A person who is able to advocate for themselves and express their creativity is balanced in this energy. When this part of the house contains a projection, it is taught that the inhabitants will be well fed, happy and sociable although perhaps the brunt of gossip. Perhaps that comes from jealous neighbors.

You may also wish to implement Feng Shui principles in your exterior surroundings. A beautiful way to stimulate the creativity chi would be to create a round pond that symbolizes the element metal or plant white flowers in this gua of your yard. Have fun. Use your imagination. Use Feng Shui with intention. I encourage you to bring forth your creativity confidently and honor all your children.