Life Is A Journey – Do You Know Where You’re Going?

Do you ever wish that you had been given a map for your life? There is one, if you choose to use it. The art and science of Feng Shui offers us the Bagua which unites all aspects of life in the ever-changing flow of “ch’i” or universal energy.

In ancient times, and in many of our former lives, we were connected with the earth, with heaven, with the seasons, and all of nature, with the universe and God. All people were, and many indigenous people are still. However, in our developed societies many of us have lost that intimate connection with God, along with our connection to each other.

The universal energy upon which the work of Feng Shui is based is that of the Divine. We are all, consciously or unconsciously, in the process of opening ourselves to our optimum lives. We are trying to the very best of our abilities to create joyful, peaceful, productive and meaningful lives for ourselves. We are using every means at our disposal to bring the very best and highest elements of life into our existence, that which is for our personal highest good as well as the highest good of our friends, family, all those around us we know……and when we expand our vision, for all humanity.

We will not have a more peaceful world until we have greater peace in our homes and hearts. Quoting H. H. the Dalai Lama in the foreword to Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Peace Is Every Step, “Although attempting to bring about world peace through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is the only way.”

Life is Relationships
Considering this statement from a Feng Shui viewpoint, thinking of the energy surrounding us, there is a way of being in the world that speaks eloquently to me. It is viewing every aspect of life as a relationship – relationship with self, relationship with our past, our ancestors, our prior lives, our karma and our destiny. Our life and our peace is about the relationships that are mundane, for this life plane -our relationships with money, fame and reputation, with our children, siblings and parents, with friends and co-workers, bosses, the beggar on the street. It is about our relationships with our abilities to work and earn a living, with our bodies and our health, our ideas, attitudes and thoughts. Our life and inner peace is also about our spiritual relationships.

A relationship to be enjoyed is an awareness of the smallest components of our universe. We have the flowers and trees, the bees, the wind as it gently caresses our body – birds joyfully chirping at dawn, the full moon and its majestic light, soft grass under our feet, and for me the beaches I have enjoyed for the past thirty years living on the Gulf Coast of Florida and now in Virginia Beach – all of the many elements of nature.

A memory I cherish is that of three ants I encountered during a lovely retreat called Awakening Grace, held near Blowing Rock in the North Carolina mountains. As I was out in a forest, seated on the grass and journaling about my day, a small black ant had the audacity to walk across my leg and I flicked it off. Then I thought, whoops – that was an unconscious pattern of reaction. Not kind at all. A little later another ant walked across my lap and I simply, easily, watched her come and go in peace. Next one of the little guys walked across my journal and this time I watched attentively. She raised her right front leg and waved at me. I was filled with a sense of elation and feeling of connection to all life at that moment.

There is a way of being in the continuum of our relationships that flows from a mindful place of unity and balance. How do we discover this balance? Feng Shui provides a literal guide to the way our life is unfolding. It brings to our attention which paths or relationships are working and which are not as they are reflected in our environments and in our lives.

There is a term “Feng Shui eyes” that describes a way of looking at our energetic world. It is a kind of clear vision that allows us to see both visible and invisible elements – the seen and the unseen aspects of life.