More than literally meets the eye at first glance.  It is the color, the movement, the line…. the symbology and the subject matter……the size, the textures, brushstrokes, the technique, relevance to life, and more.  Artwork can elicit strong feelings in the viewer……sometimes positive and sometimes negative, perhaps confusing or just plain interesting and evocative.

Artwork can be an expression of the soul and it can be a literal interpretation of our world.   Art comes from within the creator, a co-creator with God.  It is the expression of what just is, or just can be released.  It is not a given.  It is not a polarity.   It may be a spectrum.  What is here is a discovery from within the soul of the artist, the creator, the one who is letting the world share in his vision.

I remember seeing the connection with music while in school; it was a Kandinsky painting and I could hear the music when I saw the piece on a slide in an art history class.  Friends have heard music in some of my artwork.

For the most part there are periods in history when a group of artists supported each other mentally, emotionally and economically.  There have been patrons such as the Medicis for Michaelangelo.   Who has the resources to put forth their soul’s imaginings and still deal with the vicissitudes of supporting oneself?  Some do; some don’t.

For myself I began with an oil painting, with my siblings; our mother sat us down to create a still life with oil paints.  While in design school I found a passion and it was my therapy, life classes.  There was the connection, felt once, that I was drawing directly on the body of the model.

From the Feng Shui perspective, the gua relating to children and creativity and what I like to call Gifts from God, is where I began to find the connection of my passions….   Feng Shui and art and design…..all contribute to the beauty and functionality of built spaces.   I still had no idea of the connection to God and to love that art could and would create for me.

There is the giving and receiving energy of the universe that is present in artwork.   The artist first gives, all his/her energy, vision, knowledge and perhaps, feelings and emotions, and the viewer receives.   What do you receive?   This culture teaches literal interpretation and linear thinking.   Most people will see images in abstract art that were never intended.   The eye searches for a familiar connection.   One can be open just to the feelings;  is the art uplifting and joyous?    Is it depressing?   Is it confusing, or even overwhelming??   How do you feel in contemplation with a particular piece of artwork?  I used to visit the Indianapolis Art Museum just to visit my favorite French Impressionist piece and never tired of it.   Someone who is colorblind or totally sightless may simply feel the energy. Some will feel heat, cold, movement, or simply stillness.

I have portrayed specific guas of the Feng Shui Bagua (life map)  to enhance that part of my life using that part of my house.   These are little square four inch canvases and they encircle my home, placed in their appropriate area relating to life.  The first day after doing so provided me an amazing experience.  As I began my morning meditation what felt like an electric current shot through my body and in a split second encircled my home, providing me an instantaneous feeling of universal connection.  The energy was amazing.

Does the artwork in your home portray the messages you want to receive each day?      I had a client in Naples who was not doing very well with her live in boyfriend at that time.   In her dining room was the portrayal of a man dragging a woman by her hair across the floor of his cave… not the energy she wanted in her home or her relationship.      Out it went.   In came some more appropriate relationship symbols and she remains happily married some fifteen years later.

Then there is the energy of the artist him/herself…….balanced,  loving, passionate, or  crazed and off balance.    I recall going through a small furniture factory in Florida where products were made by hand and included beautiful designs carved in wood.    In the warehouse, touching the armoires and other pieces made with loving attention to detail, I could feel the love that had gone into their creation and was moved to tears.    Art is of course expressed in many modalities other than painting and the energy is always there.

We are co-creators. Relinquish expectations of what life is supposed to look like………just like art……..what will the finished product be.    For me, I don’t know because right now I am in abstract but it truly is a reflection of my soul, my issues, releases, joy and love.  After my accident in February 2015, falling down several stairs into the snow and breaking my right wrist, I was traumatized.    But I still had to paint.   So, I used my left hand.   That worked, and led me more deeply inside than I had ever experienced while painting, into emotions and tears and dizziness, then incoherence and exhaustion.  Certainly not anticipated, and now I use both hands……sometimes individually and sometimes simultaneously, with love.