Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching, both art and science, regarding the energies of space and land, beginning with Form School, and evolving through the years.  There are many schools of Feng Shui, both of Chinese origin and known by other names in other countries.  Indigenous peoples have their systems for honoring and connecting with the divine, with the energy they see in their worlds, with nature.  All are valid.   Feng Shui is based on the flow of energy, or chi, around and throughout an environment and we know that energy, in one form or another, is all there is.

In our modern Western world Feng Shui has been united with concepts of architecture, interior design, psychology, ecology, aromatherapy, sound, intuition and common sense because it is about the totality of our environments.  All people intuitively or subconsciously react to their environments and depending on their awareness, may or may not make changes to those places they can control – their homes and to varying extents their work places, to positively affect their feelings, emotions, or behavior.

When our life is in balance, our thoughts, activities and relationships flow smoothly. We are connected to the universal energy.   When something destroys that balance we don’t feel right and life can be a struggle.  A large part of that balance depends on the spaces where we live and where we work, any place we spend a significant portion of our time.  Some spaces feel better than others; they may be more inviting, more peaceful, more energized and uplifting.  Feng Shui is a process by which the elements within an environment, which can be as small as a desktop or as large as a building site, are analyzed and balanced to enhance the flow of energy.

Feng Shui reflects your life and is about looking at our lives, recognizing the beauty and strengths therein, and being grateful for all that we have.  Feng Shui is then about looking at what we want to bring into our lives, and how we can share our gifts with the rest of the world.  The objective is to achieve a harmonious balance within any home or work space that enhances the well being of all the occupants of that particular space.  It is the marriage of people and places to the intention in their lives.  I like to think of Feng Shui as Environmental Energy Healing.

As a consultant, my role is first to bring to you awareness of areas of strength, imbalance, omission or other potential challenges in your home, business or office and property.  It is then to suggest ways of correcting undesirable situations to change and enhance your life in areas of your choice.  Your role is to take responsibility for your life and bring to the Feng Shui process a clear vision of what you wish to achieve.  The results of this process depend upon the intention and sincerity of the individual invoking change in their life.

As a teacher, my goal is to bring you knowledge that will empower you to competently and confidently work with your issues and your desires within your individual space.  You will be able to analyze your home and your office in terms of the five elements and the yin and yang balance.  You will be more sensitive to clutter, what it means, how many kinds there are, and how it can affect your life.  You will be able to relate areas of your residence or workplace to all aspects of your life experience and know how to enhance or change the energy so that it more clearly reflects the intentions you hold for your life.