What does abundance mean to you?  Is abundance a roof over your head and food on your table today, right now, without the need of concern for tomorrow?  Is it economic wealth, a few million dollars in the bank, three houses, your retirement fully funded, a prosperous stock portfolio and all your tomorrows provided for?  Is abundance knowing that the universe always has and always will provide for you in a comfortable and appropriate manner?  Is abundance having wonderful friends who support and encourage you in your life?  Does it mean you have a place in your community among friends and family to love and who love you in return?  Abundance is all of these things and more.   It also relates to our luck and to our power.  However you choose to define your prosperity is right for you.   One of my favorite names for this gua is Fortunate Blessings.  This means more than dollars; this relates to all the blessings of our life whether we view them as good luck, appreciation and recognition for our hard work such as an award, gratitude, or an honor bestowed.  All the blessings of our lives can be acknowledged in this gua.  Abundance is also about gratitude.

All of my clients are concerned about their economic prosperity.  They wish to increase their client base and thereby increase their income, to address a perceived constant or sudden drain on their resources or, for those satisfied with their income, simply to make sure that there are no negative influences that might impact their continuing flow of abundance and energy.  We need to be aware of our abundance because it is a necessary aspect of a productive happy life.

When standing at your front door, your Abundance Gua is at the left rear of the structure.  This location is excellent for your master bedroom or your office.  If there is a projection in this area it is considered auspicious. You should experience “good luck” and successful business endeavors.  If this area of your home is missing, you may be prone to experiencing “bad luck” and frequent accidents.  Business affairs may prove difficult along with contracts, documents and taxes.  Remember, your home and your office work in tandem.  If you are experiencing a challenge relating to economics in your business, check this gua in both locations.

Observe that directly across the Bagua from Abundance is located the gua of Helpful People.  These two areas of life balance each other.  We do not have abundance in our lives without helpful people.  These may be clients who need our assistance which is the work we do, which results in our both having enhanced abundance of some kind as we help each other.  One of my couple clients each has an office at home, one office being in each of these guas, which they enjoyed discovering.  The income for the person in the Wealth Gua projection is good and that of the one in Helpful People is now entering a growth phase.  They give each other great support.

There are many ways in which you may choose to stimulate the energy of your Abundance Gua.  One way is through color and purple is the major color symbolizing wealth in the Black Sect tradition.  You could paint whatever room is in that location your favorite shade of purple…light, dark, blue or red undertone…your choice.  One of my CPA clients has quadrupled her client base relatively quickly.  She elected to paint her wealth area file/copy room a beautiful shade of lavender when moving into a new office and she continues to do very well in her business.  The colors red and green are also used as secondary colors for enhancement of energy in this gua.

This gua is represented by the element of wood so it is a perfect location for plants and trees.  This could be inside the home (where you may use silk) as well as outside in that appropriate space in your yard.  Inside the home use trees with rounded rather than spiky leaves.  Green as a color symbolizes wood, as well as being the color of our money.  You can also raise the energy by hanging a metal wind chime, again either inside or outside the home.  You may also use other items to call in the energy such as windsocks, whirligigs and flags.

Several years ago a client chose to energize the wealth corner of her lanai by arranging three jade plants (nicknamed the Chinese money plant) in terra cotta pots and a large purple candle in a glass hurricane lamp on a metal table.  All five elements (water, wood, earth, fire and water) were represented in her quest for balance.  She received phone calls from three prospective new clients within less than twenty-four hours and additionally received unanticipated payment from a client that same day.

Other plants that bloom in “wealth” colors include impatiens, gloxinia, cyclamen, African violets and mums.  Use healthy live plants or beautiful silk ones.  You may further enhance the energy of abundance by using valuable possessions with intent such as antiques, art, sculpture, crystal and coins.  One of my clients in Michigan uses dollar bills held by a beautiful amethyst ring for her personal wealth symbol.  The first week she placed this in her dining room, the Abundance Gua of her home, she garnered five new consulting clients.  She is very successful and now also has another home in Florida with another ring and dollar bills in the appropriate location.

Another client related that her clientele increased when she put some cash, hidden of course, on her lanai that occupies the Wealth Gua of her apartment.  She then became wary of having money outside and moved it into her kitchen pantry, also in that gua.  Her income immediately dropped as the number of her appointments dropped.  Her analysis, with which I concur, is that she diminished the flow of abundance by closing up her cash in the pantry.  Some things are learned best by trial and error.   She moved her money again and has now moved into a beautiful new office and her practice is flourishing.

The back left corner of the home or office, one of the two most powerful positions within the Bagua, is an inauspicious location for a bathroom as water symbolizes wealth and, symbolically, you will be constantly flushing away your money.  If this is your situation there are several approaches to alleviate such unfortunate placement.  You may place a mirror under the tank lid of the toilet to draw the energy back up.  Remember, mirrors can pull in energy as well as reflect it.  You may bring in earth symbols; earth energy stops that of water.    It is also recommended that you keep all the drains closed.

One of my clients was having considerable financial difficulty with her former husband.   For months on end he was paying only partial support and alimony, paying late, and he owed her thousands of dollars.  She discovered leaks in the roof of her home’s pool bath that was an extension to her Abundance Gua.  Within a week of having her roof repaired, payments from her ex’ were up to date.  Her abundance began to flow again.  If you have any type of leaks in your home, please repair them without delay.

Remember the Bagua of your desktop because certainly your work relates to abundance.  Check out that back left hand corner (as you are seated at the Career Gua in the front center of your desk). Is it cluttered, full of unopened mail or neglected projects?  This is an ideal position for a vibrant healthy plant – the energy of wood that is growth.  One of my students related how she had purchased the largest Waterford crystal she could find and placed it in the Wealth Gua of her desk.  The next day she found $40,000 in her accounts so she was very excited.  True, this was money that she had; however it was money of which she was unaware.

If your office is in your home, use the Bagua for raising the energy in that room.  Orient yourself from the room’s entrance, just as you did at your front door, to determine the location of the Wealth Gua.  Enhance it just as you did the same gua for your home.  Also, check for loss of energy due to a straight through flow, door to door or window, and be sure your desk is placed in a position of power.

Additional enhancements for this gua can include fountains, either in the yard or in the house.  An aquarium is also auspicious; the moving water circulates and symbolizes the flow of abundance.  The recommended number of fish is nine, or a multiple thereof.  Feng Shui lore says that if a fish dies it has absorbed negative chi intended for the owner of the aquarium.   Replace that fish immediately.

Feng Shui enhancements can bring about change overnight, literally. I have a client who procrastinates.  Finally one Saturday he did the work (intended for two months) in his wealth gua bathroom and firmly set his intent.  On Monday he manifested two new very good clients.  Your intent is of great importance and I teach my students specific rituals from the Black Sect tradition, The Three Secrets, for setting intention.  If nothing happens within thirty days, go back and readdress the situation.  You may need to clarify your intention, de-clutter the area, perhaps add a crystal.  There are many variables. As Professor Lin Yun, founder of the Black Sect School, says: first you have destiny, then karma, and then feng shui.

“Just to be is a blessing”.  Rabbi Abraham Heschel

Fortunate Blessings is the name used by one of my great teachers, William Spear, author of “Feng Shui Made Easy”……..a great personal development book.