Our lives would be very difficult without helpful people to guide us, work with us, be our clients, friends, mentors, and guardian angels…attend our garage sales, come to our parties, listen to our troubles, and buy our products or services.  Just think of all the ways we help each other, every day, in little ways as well as in monumental ways.  This area is related to the I Ching trigram meaning Heaven that carries the energy of synchronicity.  We have all experienced being in the right place at the right time…a stranger shares insightful and valuable information; we are guided by seeming coincidences.  This is Divine energy and “Helpful People” at work.

As others are helpful to us in the pursuit of our work or leisure, so should we be to others.  This gua is also that of philanthropy.  Ask yourself, are you helpful?  This question relates not merely to tithing or donating money to various charitable organizations.  It means further, do you possess an attitude of helpfulness toward the universe?  Do you cherish the beauty that surrounds you in nature?  Do you place a value on “being there” for your friends?

The Helpful People Gua, also called Mentors or Benefactors, is the third of the house in the front right as you enter your front door.  This area may literally be an office or guest room, which is a great location for these rooms from a Feng Shui perspective.    In two bedroom condos, this gua is often the kitchen and the first room you see upon entering such a residence.  A view of the stove from your home’s entrance is historically considered unlucky because a breeze from the doorway could blow out the fire in the cooking area.  The fire was, and the stove is, the provider of sustenance for the inhabitants of a space, literally and figuratively.  Thus, it should be in a protected space not immediately visible when you walk into the front door of your home.

Once I had been waiting about a month for a handy man to come to my home and help me with a small job requiring perhaps ten minutes.  Repeatedly he ran out of time in his day.  There was a substantial omission in this gua in the floor plan of my home.  Then one Sunday I placed several pots of flowers on the brick wall that actually outlined this gua on the exterior of my home.  My helpful man called the next day and twice more that week to arrange a time until I was finally available.  The energy shifted, even without my mindful intention, and the job was completed.

This is the most yang (the most male) of all the guas in terms of its energy.  A projection in this part of the home provides the man living here with greater vitality.

The Benefactors Gua, or Channel of Blessings,  is positioned directly across the Bagua from the –  Gua;  helpful people are essential for abundance.   One highly recommended way of working with this area is to designate a special box, preferably silver, write down exactly what help you need and place the written request in the box and the box in the Benefactors Gua.  That person and that help will show up if you are sincere in your intention.

Address your attention to the Channel of Blessings area of your bedroom.  Does your bedroom contain an angled wall that cuts off a piece of this essential area or is it complete?  I have a married client who said she didn’t really have helpful people in her life.  This couple had a fireplace in that area of their bedroom, which I interpret in two ways.  First, the fire is symbolically burning out any helpful people who may appear and second, in the detracting cycle of elements fire melts metal, the element symbolizing this gua.

I have a client who told me the following story: Before moving to Naples, Florida she wanted to sell her car rather than transport it there from Barbados.  The first thing she did was run an ad and the second thing was to light three candles in her home’s Benefactors area on the day the paper came out.  Within two hours she had three callers, with cash; she sold her car very quickly and easily.  This illustrates the importance of doing the mundane work  (the ad) to support your intention, having a clear focus of your intention, and raising the energy appropriately to support that intention.  Additionally, this help supported her plan to travel and increased her economic abundance.

The color representing Helpful People is grey and the element is metal, symbolized by white or metallic.  Gray is an ambiguous color, a “gray” area.  As it is bringing together black and white it signifies balance and resolution of conflict.  Its impact depends on the individual’s association with the color and may be negative or positive. The more there is of anything the greater its impact. To enhance this area’s energy, you may choose to paint the room white or metallic to symbolize metal.  The shape that symbolizes metal is round or arched.  An example of a metal building, energetically and symbolically, would be an igloo.  I know, I find that funny also but it is both arched and round.  If you don’t care for gray, paint this room a color of your choice and use metal shapes or metal objects and other energizing features.   In the enhancing element cycle earth creates metal and metal creates water making this a good area for decorative rocks, yellow accents, a fish tank or a waterfall.  For good balance, bring in all the elements:  fire, earth, metal, water and just a little wood represented by shape, color, or the element itself.  If you feel really good in this room it is raising your energy and the energy of your intentions for helpful people.

Do you have clutter in this area of your home?  It will block the flow of helpful people into your life and inhibit your ability to successfully plan travel.  One man I know whose laundry room is in Benefactors insists it is full only of necessary things.  He is an avowed packrat and has a dresser there full of plastic bags and containers and other treasures as well as clothes constantly hanging up to dry that are never put away in a closet. The helpful people have disappeared from his life, his income is down, and the traveling that he loved has come to a halt.

I have a friend whose constant challenge has been her office in the Helpful People area of her home.  Over the years she has told me recurrent stories of bags of trash leaving this room only to be overrun by clutter again within a few days or weeks.  Then she chose a different tact and called upon her organizing angels to help with her office.  Her office now remains bright, cheerful and clutter free.  She asked for and received the help she needed.  Be inventive with your requests…the universe is waiting to respond.

“We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse.”—Anne-Sophie Swetchine

Channel of Blessings is a term I love that I learned while studying Edgar Cayce.