Excitement or serenity – the interior design of a home can evoke any mood or emotion desired. A practical way of determining why this is so can be found through feng shui analysis based on ancient Chinese philosophies concerning energy.

The theory of yin and yang, female and male, opposites that balance and are essential to each other, is one energy system that explains why certain shapes and colors make us feel the way they do. The yin or female is soft, rounded and calm while the yang or male is hard, bright and energetic.

Another energy system is that of the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Each element has a shape, color, and season associated with it and they affect each other in different ways. By using these two systems in tandem, one is able to analyze any space and understand why it feels wonderful and functions as it should or recognize where imbalances exist when a space does not work as desired.

In one Bay Colony home, the residents desired a tranquil ambiance in their master bedroom, not an unusual request. From the perspective of feng shui this rooms works as intended, providing a harmonious and relaxing environment in which to end the day. Why? Based on the yin and yang balance the bed is an excellent illustration. The overall shape of the bed is square and straight lines are yang. The rounded headboard is yin. The design of the plaid fabric is yang. The softness of the fabric and pillows is yin. Additionally, the chair is rounded in shape and soft, more yin energy.

The off-white carpet and sheers represent metal which is yin. Earth, another yin element, is represented by the square of the bed and chair’s side table as well as the room itself. The round shape of the bedside table represents metal. Think round metal coins. This table is placed in the abundance or wealth area of the bedroom. The round gold box there may hide untold treasures. Silk flowers represent growth which is yang. (Dried flowers are a big nono because their energy is dead). Green symbolizes wood for growth and is seen further in the rectangular shape of the ottoman and other bedside table. These two tables are the same height representing equality in this partnership. Additional symbols for the couple are two teacups and a pair of dogs in the small oil painting.

This guest bedroom located in Harbor Place on the Caloosahatchee in South Fort Myers offers a wonderful contrast. In feng shui terms, this is a beautiful illustration of elemental interaction. The deep blue of the walls and carpet represent the element water. Water is yin and represents the season of winter which is for hibernation making it perfect for a bedroom. Red symbolizes the element fire, yang, which is overcome by water in the reducing cycle. White in the ceiling and fabrics is again metal, and yin. The over-all yang shape, rectangular, of the loveseat is balanced by the undulating yin curves of the frame and soft cushions. This unusual (for southwest Florida) and striking design offers a cozy haven to guest because, as this feng shui analysis shows, the yin energy predominates and will encourage a night of peaceful slumber