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Bring greater purpose and peace to your environment and your life with Feng Shui and beautiful artwork.

Heart To Heart – Your Relationships

Feng Shui provides a map of our relationships:   to self and others and to every aspect of our entire life.

The Highest Good

Let your use of Feng Shui empower you and others.   See clearly what you bring to your life and how you impact your world.

We all are living with the energies categorized as Feng Shui whether we know it or not and whether we want to or not. It is a fact of life, like gravity.

It is up to you to bring your clearest life’s intention to your work with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science, addresses the energy of all built spaces, along with the exterior landscapes. It just is……as energy just is.
Feng Shui analysis utilizes three ancient energy systems: the Bagua, the Five Transformational Energies and the balance of Yin/Yang, to create a more joyful and prosperous environment.
The goal of using Feng Shui principles is to create peace and harmony and desired life change. A modern adaptation that lies at the foundation of successful Feng Shui is Clutter Clearing.
Peggy Cross

Peggy Cross

Feng Shui Expert

ARTWORK - since 2008

The Soul’s Expression The beauty and harmony that are the essence of Peggy’s spiritual ideal are reflected in her colorful artwork, initially evoking the energies of the Bagua and the Five Elements as she began with tiny 4×4” canvases that represented the Bagua  in the spring of 2008.  Her visionary art is now non-representational, created in loving joyfulness, accompanied by beautiful music and dancing and guided by spiritual masters from the other side.

FENG SHUI - since 1998

Environmental Energy Healing Feng Shui is basic to life, as basic as gravity; it is with us always because it is the energy of all our surroundings – home, office, yard, community, town, culture, pets, friends and ourselves. As we work with our environments to enhance that energy, to beautify and harmonize, we ourselves are uplifted. Our homes are a reflection of our lives and offer a fabulous opportunity for personal exploration. Through our interaction with our homes we can learn, we can grow as human beings, and we can heal our lives.

INTERIOR DESIGN - since 1988

Beauty Is Powerful Peggy’s mission is to uplift and guide her clients and students in creating greater joy, beauty, peace, and desired change in their homes and in their lives. She is an award winning interior designer, has been published in Architectural Digest, and is currently an adjunct instructor at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. She is nationally, N.C.I.D.Q, certified, Virginia certified and a member of The American Society of Interior Designers, A.S.I.D.

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